GUTS STUDY DAY | 05-May-2017
Come to GUTS Study Day at College Library Friday, May 5th 11am-7pm for food and tutoring! Tutor schedule is available in the link below. .. [read more]

GUTS Office Closed for this Spring 2017 | 01-May-2017
GUTS office is closed for the rest of this semester. Thank you every tutors and tutees for participating GUTS programs in Spring 2017. Please contact the directors if you have any questions. [read more]

GUTS Drop-In is now taking tutors for Summer 2017! | 25-Apr-2017
GUTS Drop-In now taking tutors for Summer 2017! Will you be in Madison this summer? Consider being a tutor this summer with GUTS! We are looking for Drop-In tutors at College Library. Registration Form: (/ [read more]